Choosing The Best Gun Scope for You

Hello, hunting friends!


Today, I should like to talk about how I suggest to find your own best scope for your hunting weapon. Gun scopes are an essential part of your arsenal, and they are an important companion that I believe should help you get the most out of each firearm. Many people who arrive at the hunting club for the first time are frustrated because their scopes aren’t appropriate for their rifle, and it can be very disappointing for them when I tell them they shall have to go out and spend even more money.

So, for all hunters who read this blog, I have decided to write my own little blog to choosing the best gun scope for you and your rifle. It will include all my favorite brands to buy from and the important things you need to know to find the one that is best for your weapon.


First, you must start with buying scopes from the best brands. There are many people making scopes today, and most of them are not worth your time. They are toy spy glasses, which cannot give you more than an approximation of long range vision. The reason is very simple. It does not matter how many features or specifications a scope has if the glass is not of the highest quality. That is why you must stick with the great companies that are constantly developing superior optical materials, and have led the market with patents.


My two brands that I recommend to you are Nikon and Leopold. I personally equip all of my rifles with Leupold scopes, because I think they are the very best. They are an American company that is still made in America, and they regularly win the best scope awards for anyone who does not want to spend thousands of dollars for something like a Swarovski scope which is to me a rich man’s toy. Leupold scopes are very, very clear with lots of power and they never ever fog up. They are also built to last for life. I have been shooting with many of my Leupold scopes for decades now. I also recommend Nikon scopes as I think they are a very respectable alternative to those who may be new to hunting or less affluent and cannot afford Leupold scopes. Nikon scopes are not the best in the market today but they are very sturdy and to anyone but the most expert hunter, their imperfections are not significant. They are also a very good presence on the market because they force brands like Leupold to compete at lower prices. Either maker is a good choice for your rifle, but if you are experienced I would recommend to you a Leupold for the best rifle scopes.


Once you have chosen a brand, you need to choose between fixed and adjustable magnification scopes. Fixed magnification scopes are like a spyglass, which means that they will magnify to a certain range of distance perfectly. They are my choice for my rimfire rifles and muzzleloaders. They are not so good for long-range weapons. I use adjustable magnification scopes for longer ranges because it is important to be able to fine tune at longer distances where a slight mismatch will make you miss your target.


Here is a word to the wise, as they say. If you are trying to save money, you should make sure you spend it where it counts, on very good glass rather than a very adjustable power range or extra features. At the club we have a saying, focus on glass before gimmicks. This is why I will suggest that someone who does not want to spend money should get a simple but perfect fixed range scope than a variable one of the same price that does not have the same clarity or accuracy.


Once you have chosen a brand and a type of scope, you must choose a magnification power level, which is measured by a specification such as 3-9x40mm. The first two numbers refer to the magnification power of the glass. The higher the number the further you may shoot with precision. You must be sure to choose something that is appropriate for the range of the weapon you are shooting.

The second number in a scope specification refers to the size of the objective lens, which lets the sunlight into the image. The bigger the objective lens and the bigger image you will see with more light and clarity. So I suggest buying as big a scope as you can comfortably fit on your rifle.


Finally, you must think about your shooting style as you choose between the models in your power class. The rest of the features you want will depend on how you hunt. You must choose a reticle or target style as well as the kind of adjustment knobs on the scope itself. I like locking, flat knobs to make sure that I do not knock my settings out of place in the woods but I also know many more technical hunters who like to always make little adjustments so they do not like locks. You must choose what you prefer.


I also will make a final suggestion that you buy your scopes with lifelong warranties so that you never have to buy another piece of equipment as long as you are hunting. If you buy from Leupold or Nikon you will not need to worry because they both provide lifelong warranties.


Well, that is all for today. I hope this blog has been helpful to you. Let me know if you have any more specific questions about scopes. I am always happy to give my opinions.