Choosing the Best Chess Set

There are thousands of chess sets to choose from. With an overwhelming amount of chess sets, each crafted with a different style and material, it can be difficult to find the best chess set. In order to make the process easier, here are a few tips of how to choose the best chess set.

Are you actually going to play, or is it for decoration?

People purchase chess sets for one of two reasons: play or decoration. For people who are passionate about chess, it can be difficult to believe that people only want to display their chess boards. But, there are even special chess boards designed with the sole purpose to be used as a decoration. It may be surprising to learn that the traditional Staunton chess style was created because of this.

In 1849 each chess set looked completely different. There was no set standard, so it was difficult to adapt and play with other people’s chess sets. But, John Jaques & Sons of London partnered with Nathaniel Cook and manufactured a standard chess set, which is known as the Staunton pattern.

Overall, it’s easier to decipher whether a chess set is made to be displayed or played. Chess sets that are heavily themed, such as the American Revolution chess set, or heavily painted are typically meant for decoration. After all, imagine how hard it is to play a game of chess when you can hardly decipher between the different chess pieces and spaces.

Establish a budget

Chess sets have a wide price range. While the cheapest chess sets cost approximately $5, the most expensive chess sets cost close to $20,000. While a $20,000 chess set, like the Nomi Klein, provides chess players with a set that has the utmost amount of art, reliability, and comfort, cheaper chess sets can provide a similar experience. It’s all about doing the adequate research and finding the perfect chess set for you.

Size of squares

The size of the chess squares is extremely important when you intend to use you board for tournaments. Tournaments have a specific size requirement for chess squares, and it’s important that you research it. While most tournaments have the same square size requirement, so do not. So, don’t assume that you will be able to use one chest board for every tournament you’re interested in.

Are you planning on traveling with your chess set?

People who participant in chess tournaments or clubs typically take their chess set everywhere with them. If you fall into this category, then you want to consider purchasing a chess set that is durable and reliable. A good option is a class Staunton chess set. Staunton chess sets are made out of heavy plastic pieces, which are extremely reliable. If they happen to break, Staunton chess sets are typically cheap, so it is extremely easy to replace.

Do brand names have advantages?

In the world of chess, there are only a few brand name products. But, the brand name products provide chess players with many advantages. It’s easy to detect a chess set brand that is renowned because they will plaster their name on all of their products. In other words, cheaper chess sets typically have no specific brand that is plastered on their packaging or other detailing. But, renowned brands like Mark of Westminster or The House of Staunton ensure that their customers know they are playing with one of their chess sets. Since there are only a few brand names, you can expect each brand name to provide players with an outstanding chess set that is made with the utmost amount of quality.

Do you want a long lasting chess set?

Some people look for chess sets that can be passed down for generations or will eventually be seen as a collectable. If this applies to you, then look into purchasing a brand name chess set because it will keep its quality for many years to come. Another tip for purchasing a chess set that you want to keep for as long as possible is look for a chess set that is made out of ebony. Ebony is an extremely hard and durable wood, so an ebony chess set has one of the longest chess set lives.